About Us

We Strive For

Almost every shelf in a supermarket holds a product produced using a fuel boiler or oven. F&B SMEs consume, on average, 1000 liters of fuel per month each, which accumulates the CO2 emission in the atmosphere and holds high monthly costs for them, nevertheless the maintenance challenges and expenses these SMEs face.

Partners with Sun solution is a clean energy solution with an embedded IoT and can upgrade existing ovens and boilers. With every installment of one of the Partners with Sun products, 31 tons of co2 emission will be avoided.

Moreover, the SMEs’ will cut diesel and maintenance invoices, and their production quality and quantity will increase.

We aim to replace traditional boilers and ovens with our patented solar technology.

If we plan to save our planet, we should change how we produce the food we consume.

Our Mission

Partners with Sun’s innovative solar technology will replace traditional burners and ovens.

Our Vision

Partners with Sun’s vision is to become a global leader and supplier of solar solutions.