We Strive For

Almost every shelf in a supermarket holds a product produced using a fuel boiler or oven. F&B SMEs consume, on average, 1000 liters of fuel per month each, which accumulates the CO2 emission in the atmosphere and holds high monthly costs for them, nevertheless the maintenance challenges and expenses these SMEs face.

Partners with Sun solution is a clean energy solution with an embedded IoT and can upgrade existing ovens and boilers. With every installment of one of the Partners with Sun products, 31 tons of co2 emission will be avoided.

Moreover, the SMEs’ will cut diesel and maintenance invoices, and their production quality and quantity will increase.

We aim to replace traditional boilers and ovens with our patented solar technology.

If we plan to save our planet, we should change how we produce the food we consume.

Message from
Partner with Sun's founder

“Seven years ago while flying from Cairo to Dubai, UAE, and observing the sun’s energy reaching enormous spots in the Earth’s deserts and seas, triggered my passion and made me realize the advantage that should be taken from this free energy. This gave me a vision to take continuous action, focus on the present, eliminate distractions, and literally use the most powerful source of energy, The Sun. I started the R&D for the solar invention in 2016, and until now we succeeded to build and patent a new heat exchange mechanism that could efficiently connect industrial high-end solar panels to a solar oven, a boiler for dairy factories, and a dryer for huge production capacity. Fuel is controlling our industries’ mechanisms, ways of living, and economics globally, for that it is the right time to turn around the strategy and start using our earth’s resources efficiently. The main goal behind Partners with Sun is to maintain the highest standards of quality, sustainability and act responsibly at all times. We foster a culture of excellence using clean energy, which we believe should be available and free for everyone where they can integrate into the industry as a whole and the food industry especially.”

Why Choose Us

“Partners with Sun” leads the energy transition from traditional fuel usage into solar and renewable energy usage by providing innovative solutions to our customers. We provide 10 years warranty in order to meet the rising demand for energy in a sustainable manner by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices that allows each industry to reach 80% cost savings overall. We remain committed to making meaningful improvements for communities worldwide through our lifelong saving machine with low running cost, paving the way for a better society and planet for the generations to come.

Installation Process

If you demand a clean energy system through our eco-friendly products, you probably want to know what actually happens during the installation of our product. First of all, our engineering team visits the site and checks what equipment is needed. After that we send the proposal letter to the client, which includes the production capacity and the time required to finish up the installation process. After the client approves the content of the proposal held to him, we issue a purchase contract that includes payment plan agreement, maintenance yearly fees, and time frame of the installation which usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks.

Regions We Cover

Our customers and communities are the heart of our business. Our services cover Lebanon and the MENA region.